Knowledge is never objective or neutral. For some people it is more favourable than for others. Built on subjective foundation, the identity and reality are nothing more than the set of men created and deeply rooted norms. The same mechanism is responsible for the ‘outcasts‘, the bodies which mean NOTHING from the cultural point of view. ‚Untitled‘ is the group of people from the whole spectrum of identities. It turns out that those who balance between the genders are transsexuals, transvestites as well as homosexual and heterosexual people. However, what is the most important for me in the project is the question: what are the emotions of the viewer faced with photos/portraits of people whose gender is unexpectedly difficult or impossible to guess. Will it be curiosity, fear or aggression? Will the perception be influenced by the social group, place of living, nationality or gender? Do we really need distinctive features, subgroups and classifications in order to function and feel safe? What will these emotions say about the place of the ‘different‘. What will they say about me?